Youth Clubs

Senior Youth Club

Our Senior Youth Club runs on Monday evenings and is for young people of all genders aged 13-18. We offer activities such as arts and crafts, sports, cooking and issue-based workshops. We also take the group on trips such as paintball, the trampoline centre, skating, football trips and more.

Junior Youth Club

On Tuesday evenings we run the Junior Youth Club for 7 – 9 year old children of all genders, this is a fun packed club with lots of organised activities such as cooking and baking, sports activities or our very own bouncy castle, art and lots of opportunities for trips such as going to the park, the beach or soft play.

Girl’s Club

Girl’s Club is currently on a break until further notice.

Inter Youth Club

On Thursday evenings we run a youth club for children and young people of all genders who are aged 10 – 13, and they will also take part in activities such as art, cooking and baking, sports and workshops, as well as trips such as skating, cycling, the park and the virtual reality arcade.

Games Club

The Games Club runs on a Friday evening and is for young people of all genders who are aged 11 – 18. They have games consoles such as a Nintento Switch, Xbox One S, PS3, Wii and PC’s/Laptops that can all be used on the night. There are also workshops such as 3D printing, character design, coding, music (guitar, ukulele, DJing etc) and trips to places like the Virtual Reality Arcade, Games Conventions, Escape Rooms, Glasgow Science Centre and Laser Station.