Work in Schools

The Citadel Families Team has staff members funded to deliver family support work in local primary schools through the Pupil Equity Fund. Staff work between 1 and 2 days in Leith, Trinity and Victoria Primary schools. Family support is delivered in a variety of different ways, such as 1:1 support; peer support through a parent drop in or group family sessions; family learning and children’s 1:1/group work sessions. Topics covered in family support can include housing advice, routines and structure for children, advice and information for parents with children with additional support needs.

The 13+ team also has staff members working in 2 local secondary schools, Drummond CHS and Trinity Academy. They mainly work with pupils from S1-S4 through a mixture of 1-1 sessions and group work sessions. Some group work sessions delivered focus on gender based issues, for instance learning about girls rights. Single gender group work is delivered as well as mixed gender sessions which vary depending on group needs this could cover communication skills, physical activities and team building.